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Dan Melita Musical Services Specializing in Wedding Bands , Corporate Events and Festivals Over 750 weddings worth of experience. Call Dan on 0409 862 308
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There’s quite a few options for your wedding ceremony music, from contemporary to traditional.
Dan Melita Musical Services offer:
– acoustic guitarist / vocalist
– piano / vocalist
– duo (any mix of above)
– 4 piece string section



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Why not enjoy music as you and your guests celebrate after your ceremony during canapes. Background music that is light , upbeat and easy on the volume so you can chat and enjoy.
Dan Melita Musical Services offer:
– acoustic soloist / vocalist
– piano soloist / vocalist
– 2 piece acoustic guitar and saxophone
– 3 piece guitar , sax and double bass
– can go larger if requested

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A wedding reception wouldn’t be complete without great live music. Its all about the party, great song selection and having fun with your loved ones on the dance floor , which is something that The Big Bang excels at!
Band sizes range from 3 pieces up to 11 piece (O.M.G.!!) and you can check out those options below.


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Styles of Music

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Big Bang

3 – 5 piece band

By far the most popular wedding band line ups are the 3 to 5 pieces. The 3 pieces are ideal for venues with tight spaces or even those watching the budget – while still packing a Big Bang and delivering on the dancefloor!

The 4 and 5 piece bands add to the basic combo of guitar / drums / bass and we can add a mix of female vocalist, keyboards or brass for a fuller band sound and presentation.

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Big Bang (Deluxe)

6 – 8 piece band

The Big Bang 6 to 8 piece wedding band is definitely an impressive statement. If you’re having your reception at a larger venue, you don’t want to get caught out having a small band line up. This line up aims to include our fabulous Big Bang horn section and is guaranteed to get the party started! Well priced & Big Bang for your buck! Contact us for a quote.

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Big Bang (OMG)

9-11 piece band

That is : O-M-G !! Truly suited to those that like to celebrate in style. Very much suited to the larger venues such as town halls , Luminaire, Carousel and so on. The Big Bang brass section expands and more vocalists come out to play !

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Price Check

Our pricing really depends on a few factors.
When asking for a quote be sure to mention
-Your venue location (inner Melbourne or country?)
-Size of band (3 to 11 piece?)
-Room size (approx 50 people? 100 people? 200?)
-Date (availability)
All of those factors can affect your quote,  as a rough guide:
3 to 5 piece : Melbourne approx 1300 – 2200
6 to 8 piece : Melbourne approx 2650 – 3550
9 to 11 piece : Melbourne approx 3900 – 4900
With no consultant or agent fees on top , you’ll see we give Big Bang for your buck. Contact us for a price comparison with our competition!

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How to Book & Plan for your Wedding

Its pretty simple really, just get in contact with Dan Melita and he’ll organise a band showcase for you, tailored to your requirements. Once you’re happy with what you see (and 99% of clients who come are) then a 20% deposit is required for us to lock in your date. From there, its really about fine tuning your running schedule and any song requests you may have. Dan will be there at any time for you if you have questions. Having played over 750 weddings (and counting), that’s a lot of experience you can call upon!

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Please be as descriptive about your event as you can. Also, please let me know that your enquiry is genuine (I do get a lot of spam type enquiries) by letting me know your venue and date .
Kind regards,
Dan Melita
0409 862 308

Contact Dan – 0409 862 308

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